Online Support

Support us with your Online Shopping without extra costs, donate online for our projects or support us with your online search.


Discover the various possibilities to support our NGO. Even while browsing online, without spending money or moving your finger from your mouse.

Did you know that you can donate a small amount of money during your daily online shopping without additional costs? Gooding makes it possible. Before starting to shop you simply have to open your desired shopping website via gooding and choose AIM. as your favourite NGO. The online shop is paying a commission to Goodnig, which will be donated to AIM. A win win situation for all involved parties.

Like any other search engine benefind receives its revenue from advertisements. These earnings are donated to registered organisations, as well for AIM.. Practical AIM. receives ½ Cent for every of your search terms. Via the shop search there is also a possibility to donate the commission to AIM.. We will receive a grant up to 10% worth of your purchase price, without you having to pay more for your shopping.

With the smoost-App you are able to support AIM. without spending your own money! Therefore you need to download the free smoost-App, search for our project ‘Training center in Ghana’ and support us with one click. The click consists of a so called promotion click, where you’ll have a look at an advertisement. 75% of the advertising revenue will be credited to our project.

betterplace is the biggest online donation platform in Germany and provdies easy tools for fundraising in the internet. AIM. is having a profile for some years now and was able to support some important projects regarding the education of the Youth via this profile. Be part of this community and support our projects with your donations or some kind words about the work we are doing.