In deep sorrow

In deep sorrow

Dear AIM friends,


We are very shocked by the sad news that reached us from Ghana at the beginning of October. Our Chairman, Papa Kodwo Mbir, passed away in the early morning of October 1st. At the end of September, he came to the hospital because of a stroke, from which he unfortunately could not recover. We are still speechless and it is difficult for us to find the right words to recognize his achievements. Papa Kodwo was a special person who, despite his achievements in the fight against corruption in Ghana, unfortunately never received the official recognition he deserved. We will remember him as a lovely fatherly friend who has always enchanted us with his stories and his special way of life.

With this video we want to remember him. A conversation with Papa Kodwo Mbir in his spot “Sacro Bosco” from the year 2011, about his own past and about his town Komenda.


We will all miss you very much!


Rest in Peace