New school for the movie workshop

New school for the movie workshop

The second term has started and the movie workshop was located at another school.

We have one week of workshops behind us. In Ayensudo we make up where we left off at the end of last term. But there is a new, one hand sad the other hand good news: We have a new school. Unfortunately, the workshop in the last term in the JHS in Komenda could not take place. Due to various issues with the mentioned school AIM began to look for other possible school. Now problems have arisen in the new term again, so we got a new school. The United Essaman M/A School in Atawasi. We had a meeting on 22nd January already with the director and the contact teacher, where we discussed everything for the workshop. On 27th January we had the first time workshop. The 45 children who showed up were in a good mood and we have, after a brief acquaintance, discussed the issues, which we want to address. The week after next, we then begin at the Essaman, previously, already treat as well as in the basics of camera use Ayensudo and filmmaking. Only after the following week, because we are on our interim one-week seminar in Kumasi at the moment. There we deal with everything, what we care about and we are interested in and the voluntary service and life in Ghana in general.