Polytank Community Support

Polytank Community Support

This money generating AIM. project was a suggestion of the AIM. Youth Club, who asked the embassy of Germany for financial support for this project in Ghana.


After the approval of this suggestion in 2007, two 10.000 liter containers of the brand Polytank were set up to improve the waterstorage. They are placed in the areas “Amotoe” and “South Africa” and secure the water supply for the poor. Since the access to clean drinking water was declared to be a human right, this project helped to reduce the infection rate of cholera in Komenda, since it was on the highest level in 2005. Before the polytank project he main source of drinking water for the inhabitants of Komenda was the so-called “Puupuu” in Amotoe. That was one of the reasons for the high rate on cholera infections.


Many women and children, who didn’t want to drink the puupuu-water, had to carry the water from sources, which were located far away from their home. The inhabitants and students close to the district “South Africa” benefit from the support of the polytanks installed by AIM.. Since the access to drinking water is close, the children, who have to support their parents in the household, are able to be in school on time.


The project was launched on the 27th November 2008 by Dr. Marius Haas, a former German ambassador in Ghana as well as Rosemund Abbrah, former director of the Ghanaian department of education of the K.E.E.A. district. Several TV- and radio stations reported about the celebrations for this launch.


In 2009 Komenda was reconnected to the water network, both water polytanks were connected to the water pipeline. If the connection to the water pipeline should drop out once, the capacity of the container saves water, which will last at least for 10 days. The income which is generated from the selling of water at fair prices, is used as following:


  1. Paying of bills of Ghana Water Company
  2. Paying of water sellers
  3. Income for AIM.


  • one third for the construction of the training center
  • one third for the AIM. Youth Club
  • one third for the maintenance of the water container


Project time: July 2008 – October 2008


Project location: Komenda (KEEA district), Amotoe & South-Africa


Financed by the Embassy of Germany


Realised income since November 2008


8. December 2008