What is actually going on at AIM. in Ghana?

What is actually going on at AIM. in Ghana?

It has been a long time since we reported about our activities in Ghana. The main reason for this is that you can read more about it on the separate website of our training centre. However, we would like to give you a short summary due to the Corona pandemic, and at this point we would also like to ask for a small donation during the Christmas season.

We are very grateful for any donation to continue our training courses. Due to Corona, a number of opportunities to generate donations have been lost this year, and at the same time expenses have increased due to ongoing hygiene measures.
In Ghana, the public schools have been closed since March. Only the graduating classes continued. The youths are more or less hanging around at home, online schooling is only available at some public schools. A very difficult time for young people in Ghana.

We resumed our training courses after a short break at the beginning of the pandemic in June. We did this with increased hygiene measures, but also with intensive efforts to reach the young people at all, as we lack the schools as contact persons. Especially because the schools are closed, it was most important for us to continue to offer the young people an educational programme. We concentrated on ICT workshops, always hoping to prepare the young people for possible online courses at the public schools. The solar courses have been dormant for a long time, but last week we were finally able to hold another solar workshop.

As mentioned in the beginning, you can get all the information on the website of our training centre. Here is the direct link with an overview of some of the activities of the past months in Ghana: https://www.aim-tc.org/new/.

If you decide to donate to us, please note that the priority in using the donations is ultimately to keep the training running. As mentioned at the beginning, running costs have increased due to the Corona pandemic. Participation in the courses is still free of charge for the young people.

We thank you and wish you a peaceful and relaxing Christmas. Stay healthy and have a good New Year.

Your AIM. Board

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